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He runs the underground. She’s made it her playground. Their time together—-the stuff of pulp fiction. When a corrupt corporate conspiracy threatens to tear them apart, they blast back with their offbeat brand of crime and chaos.

This story is just one from the pulps. Film critic Roger Ebert once described them as ‘cheap, disposable entertainment that you could take to work with you, and roll up and stick in your back pocket.’ So do just that—-and read it on the weekend.

Bon Week-end is a novel written in the tradition of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s neo-polar, existing now as what shall be known as the neo-serial. This is Nippoten’s second serial following the superhero epic Entirely Presenting You.

Check the Chapters page to scene select. All chapters are out and Bon Week-end sits as a completed novel.

Special Features page includes various essays and other bonus content.

Also available for review on Royal Road.